Sunday, 27 September 2015


WWC35 - Marsha's "Anything Goes" Challenge

I was given this project by a friend early Spring. I have been recuperating from a hip replacement surgery and of course have had a lot of time on my hands. So............I thought lets give it a try.  First of all what kind of theme.  Because it is an advent calendar and for Christmas, why not snowmen?  I got this paper on the Clearance rack and thought it was so cute, so I start putting this together.  All the slots had to sanded and then put together and then lots of cutting of the paper and then the numbers, etc.  I finally finished this last week and thought immediately of posting it for the "Anything Goes Challenge".  After all what would we do without our calendars for little children and our bigger children.  Hee, Hee.!
Sorry, for the amount of photos, but it does break it down for you  to look at.

Front view
Close up of the Inside
Upper Left Corner
Lower Left Corner

Lower Right Corner

Upper Right Corner
Inside Left

Inside Right

Another look at Inside

So as you can see,the snowmen make this Advent Calendar very unique and cute.   This was fun to do and a great project.  
Thank you for visiting my blog and looking at my challenge.  Take care everyone, until next challenge.   Heather :)


  1. Oh my goodness, Heather! Wow! Your Advent Calendar is one of the most beautifully crafted that I've seen. Yes, the hip surgery would give you a lot of time and you're certainly using it well. Thanks so much for joining us this week for the Watercooler Wednesday challenge.

    You must love the movie CATS. Love the name of your kitty. :)

  2. I've been dying to see what your Advent Calendar would look like finished, and it was so wonderful! Thanks for sharing. The snowmen are uber cute! I bet you'll have fun stuffing all those little drawers this Christmas!

  3. How absolutely beautiful!! Lots of work but the outcome is spectacular. Thank you for joining our challenge!

  4. Oh My Goodness! You have done an excellent job on this. Really something to be proud of. I love a snowman theme (probably cause I never see snow haha.!)

  5. Lovely Advent Calendar, Heather! I love snowmen and the colors you've used. Thanks for joining us at Watercooler Wednesday Challenges. Marsha DT@WWC

  6. What a great job Heather. That calendar is so cute and all those snowmen. I want to see what you will put in all those boxes.