Friday, 5 June 2015


The week of May 28th was my birthday week.  It all started on May 25 with a luncheon with a group I belong to "Crown Jewels of Canada" and then in the evening getting together with my "Monday Night" ladies (Betty Lee, Phyllis and Laurel) at the Blue Heron Pub in Vernon.  My Monday night ladies and I get together to make cards or try new techniques on Monday's.  One lady could not make it as she was under weather.  We missed you Jan!   Our supper was awesome and we were able to eat outside by the water.  The next night (May 26) was getting together with my friend, Linda, at the Edible Canvas for another delicious meal.  Bob (her husband), could not make it. On Thursday, my actual birthday, I met some other ladies (Iris and Margaret), for a free lunch at Kelly O'Bryan's.  They give you a free lunch or dinner on your birthday.  I try not to miss this every year.  Not often you get a FREE lunch!!!!  That night was special, because my husband took me out for supper at the Blue Heron again.  This is one of my favorite places.  It was raining so could not sit on the patio.  We were joined by some other good friends, Sonyia, Ed, and Kay and another excellent meal.  On the 29th I went out again with some other friends, Margaret, Bud, Iris, my husband, Jim, and Kathy.  They have been friends since I first moved to Vernon 14 years ago.  We had supper at Wings and Margaret made a "special carrot cake" for me and for Bud (his birthday was on the 27th).  We each took home our leftover cake to enjoy another day.  What a week!!!!   Alas, on Saturday, I had to cook dinner myself :(   Anyway, I was thoroughly spoiled.  I took pictures of my cards....all 20 of them.  I thought I would show some Special ones and the whole group.  

As you can see...I am truly blessed with good friends and family.
My sister's awesome card.  Thank you to my great Sister!

Here is the card before I opened it up
This next one is from Betty Lee

She also put in a clever tag....Thank you again BL

This next card is from Phyllis and it is so beautiful.  Thank you Phyllis!


  This card was from Laurel and is also beautiful.  I love the colors!  Thank you Laurel!

  The next card is from my sister-in-law and another beautiful card.  Thank you Elise!

So..all in all a great week!   Thank you for all the cards and good wishes.   Heather :)


  1. Happy Belated Birthday, Heather! You received some stunning cards!! Hugs, Darnell

  2. What a great assortment of cards Heather. You truly are blessed with great and caring friends. Glad to know your birthday was so special in so many ways. You deserve it!