Sunday, 21 September 2014


         Well, Fall Season is almost upon us.  Where did the year go?  I am amazed that the last post I completed was February this year.  I am getting ready to go to a conference in Richmond for the Crown Jewels of Canada.  My chapter is in Vernon and we have 19 members.  We have Queens and Vice Queens and I happen to be the Queen.  It is lots of fun and we just have lunch's and then decide where we are going next month.  We meet every third Wednesday and a Hostess decides what restaurant we are going to or what fun thing we will do.  The only rules are to wear our colors (Red, White & Purple), a hat and to have FUN. 
        I have made a lot of cards this year; birthdays, Valentine's, Easter, and now about to start Halloween and Christmas cards.  I have 3 ladies who join me on Monday nights at 7pm and we yack and laugh and generally have fun creating cards.  We don't meet in the summer and last week was our first get together.  We learn new techniques and share new products in card making.
       So between making cards, having fun with my group in Crown Jewels, gardening, and camping the time has flown by.  I also volunteer at our Vernon Red Cross office on Tuesday's.  Actually, when I look back on the year, that is where the time has gone.  LOL  :)
       Hopefully within the next week or two, I can start sharing with you some techniques and cards.